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As well as being a showcase for the latest music that I'm writing and producing, this website provides some background about me, a discography of releases over my recording career and any latest news

So why sepiasound? Well, most of my influences and musical heroes are from the past - from classical composers to the 1930s - '60s along with John Barry, Bernard Herrmann and Ron Goodwin. For me this is the greatest era of production music and so it seemed natural to reference this subtly in the collective name. 

Feel free to get in touch anytime:

OCTOBER 2022: previously released instrumental 'Meantime' will be used for a scene in new German language film 'Sisi Und Ich' due for general release early 2023.

SEPTEMBER 2022: interview with Greg Shanks released on YouTube on the 'palebloomsandbeyond' channel.

JANUARY 2021: sleeve notes and artwork are being finalised for a new Blueboy vinyl release. The John Peel Session from 30th October 1994 will be released as a 7" double pack on precious Recordings

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NEW ALBUM 'Drama Queens' is out NOW on Deezer, Napster, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music etc

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