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B a c k g r o u n d

Sepia Sound is the collective name for unpublished music composed and recorded by Paul Stewart.


After a long period away from performing live and recording in the studio, I concentrated on writing again. Without being connected to a label or having the identity of a 'band' to work within I was free to explore more styles and with a home recording studio, began fine tuning a new repertoire.

These instrumentals are the fruits of the last two years and are available to listen to on the Music Samples page. After the commission for Kate Spade and the film work for Ce Sentiment de L'ete I have leaned towards theme and interlude ideas rather than concentrating on the traditional song format of verse, chorus, middle bit, ending.

Wether you know of my music from a previous incarnation or not, I hope there is something on here you like and if you think what I create could fit with a project you're working on that needs music, please get in touch via

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