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As a Music Supervisor, you're often faced with a difficult brief, a small budget and limited time. From reading scripts, organising clearances and rehearsals, the last thing you have time for is to listen to hundreds of wannabe songwriters all wanting your attention.


Instead of blindly submitting music, what I do specialise in is this:

  • Understanding who the audience is and bringing out the elements of a single moment or a whole scene in sound

  • Creating anticipation, joy, disappointment or danger in a short time span or through a long build-up

  • Working with you on a piece that sits well within an existing suite of songs or portfolio - or one that stands out more

  • The need to be specific, for example creating a power-pop intro that needs a non-faded, stinger ending with good edit points

  • Working with certain time signatures, keys; acoustic or heavy effects, orchestral or maybe sending me something you can't use but want to emulate

  • Lastly, I work fast

This is how I work and I wanted to demonstrate that I know the Supervisor world isn't simply browsing Spotify.

I'd really welcome the opportunity to hear from you about what you have currently or coming up so please, get in touch.

It's impossible to try and guess what to include on here to support my claims above. However, I have put together just 4 short segments in a showreel which should give you some idea of the styles I've tackled in the past.

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